Nike x Tom Sachs 3.0.

Not widely discussed soon after his reissue of the 1.0 which is called the 2.0, even though it’s the exact same shoe, just modified with better construction and materials. Reason for this was because the 1.0 fell apart with after a few wears. Alas, I’m am deterring from my original topic of discussion, which is this newly vamped up sneaker, which after seeing it, I didn’t very much like it. 

However, after watching a video about them with Tom Sachs and Fenn O’Meally on HighSnobiety’s video of the sneaker, I did like them more so than before, purely for the functionality of the shoe, not the aesthetics. They still aren’t the most pleasing thing for your eyes to land upon, in regards to functionality though, an entirely different level.

So the sneaker is half of a Tom Sachs 2.0, (minus that white midsole) inside of a nylon glove for both sneakers. Not sure if the glove is removable, if it is not that will be disappointing.  From Tom’s design and annotations, you can see all of the intricate detailing, proving what a cracking sneaker this will be for winter/spring weather. In the UK the weather is super inconsistent with rain, sleet, wind and snow, so I can’t imagine how bad it is in NYC.

Overall, it’s a loud shoe, it’s expensive $500+ retail I’ve heard, so I can’t say what’s going to happen when these release.

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