The Cleaning Connoisseur; SneakersER.

When it comes to sneaker cleaners, there is a fair few to chose from.

From Jason Markk, to Crep Cure, ReShoeVN8R, Angelus, the list goes on. A lot of shoe cleaners will have videos online reviewing them, most of which are going to be genuine so you can get a feel as to which will be best for your shoes.

Obviously the materials used on this New Balance is Suede, Mesh and Leather and the after photo is actually a huge improvement without the materials being damaged/compromised.

Another product they offer is the Midsole Marker Pen, which actually is astoundingly good, I’ve seen it used on the Patta Cherry AM1’s, Safari Animal Pack 95’s, the results were like they were DS, so can’t do anything… BUT praise the pen.

SneakersER say “You simply won’t find a better Sneaker Cleaner on the market today, that’s why we regularly top user satisfaction Polls time after time…..always by some distance!”.

Obviously it’s not going to make your shoes brand spanking new, but it will dramatically help the overall shape/look.

The reason why I prefer this over any other is due to the all of the good reviews it has received, as well as it being the only cleaner that has actually cleaned and not damaged my shoes, such as causing the suede to bleed or strip the moisture from it.

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