Nike Presents; “London: ON AIR”.

This year, Nike launched a campaign called “LONDON On Air”

The theme was to design the future of Nike Air Max, based on London, integrating your experience of the city into the shoe. On the day you given a guided tour of the space and will have roughly 3 hours to create and document your final moodboard. The London: ON AIR Mentors and Nike Designers will be on hand to help guide you through silhouettes, materials, colours and embellishments for your Air Max design. All of the design materials will be ready for you but feel free to bring any references or information that might support your concept and your moodboard.

Once all applicants moodboards have been submitted, the panellists; Skepta, Mini Swoosh, Nate Jobe and Courtney Dailey will choose three final designs to go to a public vote. The winning London designer chosen by the public will travel to Nike HQ in Portland to work with the Nike team and make their vision a reality.

It’s pretty much a dream come to life, so I was lucky enough to get picked to design my idea, which I will forever look at as a learning curve in regards to designing and the process of it.

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So what you were given was a London : ON AIR booklet, including a sticker page showing types of Nike’s “AIR” (sorry not sorry) as well as a Nike Pencil, Rubber, Ruler and Tote Bag.

So this is my design. It is based off of the colours of the lines of the underground. The reason for why I chose the lines to base my shoe on is because…

a) multiple colours that look well assembled when placed/blocked correctly.

b) when they’re on feet and someone walks past who knows of this shoe, they can conjure up conversation if they wish to do so, saying what part of the shoe gets them home, what lines they dislike, etc.

c) everyone knows of the Underground one way or the other, therefore this shoe relates to everyone which means it can be enjoyed by all.

Insole based on the Northern Lines seat cover. I chose the Northern Line instead of say, the District or Metropolitan Line as it holds the London Eye which again is representative of London. Plus I like blue.

The outsole as you can see contain some of the actual map, evidently they are beneath a translucent outsole, otherwise they would be fairly pointless. Another way to integrate the Underground into the shoe, plus if you get lost and your phone dies, this is your best bet.

The whole experience was really eye opening and super informative. Very much enjoyed the chance to speak to people who actually work at Nike, learning how they got into the industry and the steps I can do to get in there myself.

For more information about this event, check it out here.

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