London On Air; An Air Max 1 Concept.

Back in April of this year, Nike held a really special event; London on Air.

The motive behind this event was to design a colourway based around your interpretation of London. How you, as an individual, see London. So you could only use existing Air Max silhouettes, no hybrids (97/1). I think there was over 300 designs to choose from, if you want more details see my other blog post linked. I’ll get straight to my design.

So this was my concept. I had actually made a mock up of these last year on a dunk funnily enough. However, I then had to translate that onto an air max. I chose the 1 because it looks, so, so good. I think seeing all of the patta collaborations made me want to chose this silhouette, the purple and green denim is what got me.

So the first image with the train seat cover used on Piccadilly trains is the initial idea for the insole. The material would have the same texture as the train seat covers, so like a carpet kinda feel to it.

Second image is evidently the back heel, which just shows the TFL logo as it’s based off of the underground lines.

Third image is the outsoles, which are a clear transparent colour, with some of the map on each of the soles.

Now we onto the smaller intricate detailing of the shoe.

The first image represents the first ever London Underground map designed by Harry Beck. This will be the box paper.

The second image is the symbols on the current London map, these will be made into pins that you can use to put onto your bags, clothes, etc.

This unfortunately didn’t win! Ah well, I’ll just have to get a bespoke pair made, unless Nike steal this idea and water it down. But if Nike want to do this, go to my contact and shoot me a message fellas.

I hope you enjoyed this concept!


I bought Dover Street Markets collaboration with Nike on the Air Max 1 in the all white colourway and got to work. Here are the results.

I didn’t get to do the insoles or outsole because I haven’t found anyone who does that kind of thing and I probably don’t have the finical assets for that… so yeah.

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