Elsewhere, The Mars Yard 2.0.

My first encounter with this shoe, was when Tyler Blake did a video labelled as ’My Rarest Sneaker?!’, where he shows the entirety of the shoe, going from the box paper, the outsole, the extra’s that come with it and so on and so forth. The reason, why I think this shoe is such a hit in the sense that it…

a) sold out online, NIKE didn’t release it on Nike.com meaning that quantities must have been a lot lower than usually.

b) because the previous version of these that came out back in 2012, was unwearable due to the nature of how the mesh was constructed, thus the more you wore the shoe, the shoe broke/damaged a lot faster.

c) the shoe is made from parts used on the MARS ROVER, something that is used in space, which not kind of, it does show the advance technological specification this shoe has!

Back in 2012, the shoe was Designed by Tom Sachs and NASA mechanical engineer Tommaso Rivellini.

“The rocket scientist uniform of today is faded jeans, a golf shirt, and sneakers. These shoes are built to support the bodies of the strongest minds in the aerospace industry,”

- Tom Sachs.

But from failure, Tom Sachs and Nike learned and improved and the revamped version was born. It replaces (what I mentioned earlier) the prior mesh, with a more durable polyester warp-knit tricot mesh, which is much more breathable, flexible and versatile. Nike describes the material as something that’s “not sexy but honest”.

Although, to me, Sachs says “This isn’t a reissue,”. “It’d be easy to see this as a reissue, because from across the room it looks the same, but it’s got new material and a couple of small changes. He also says that with the shoe’s features, such as the White Polyurethane sole is natural. It’s not painted or stained, showing that it’s made by an individual, not a perfectly hatched object, with no evidence a human being was there.

However I’m going to say it’s a rerelease, not issue. Seeing as the issue is very much similar to the previous one, anyone who says otherwise is nit picking.

At first, when I saw Tyler Blake do the review, the only reason I clicked on this and I’m sure this applies to a lot of people, is because the video had the word ‘grail’, so of course I clicked to see.

Now at first, I thought ‘hey a white midsole, I get can get jiggy with these’. But then I saw the upper and thought, ‘yeah no thanks’. As time goes on, like with most things, you begin to like them more and more. This is exactly what happened with this shoe.  I kept seeing posts on Instagram of these on feet, thinking, they look okay, then more and more I saw people like @rhysncl, @sean_wotherspoon, @danielpacitti, and many others I cant recall, wearing them with simple pants like Dickies 874’s, Levi’s 501’s, Nike Grey Sweatpants, Stone Island Cargo Pants, very minimal colours and simple cuts.

I then decided after 3 months prior to release, I had to have them and so I went on eBay, Grailed, Depop, The Basement, SneakerMyth, yet nothing of reasonable price.

The retail of this shoe was £155 so fairly steep, however the materials are used on the mars yard so it’s not as if you’re not getting quality.

On release day, resale was about £400/500, so quite a lot of dosh to be made quickly.

However, they now go for around £700-1000, which is bonkers, considering this kind of price increase happens in the course of 3 years, not months. I doubt they’ll go up in the near future, but maybe they will, seeing as Nike didn’t release them on Nike.com, they may be even more limited than originally planned.

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