Meet Brian Gonzalez; @mrnikesb6.

A person who has been noted to do meaningful, down-to-earth, nitty-gritty videos discussing shoes, to having one of the most extraordinary sneaker collections; we ask @mrnikesb6 some questions.

1. For those who don’t know, who is @mrnikesb6?

Started out YouTube back in 2011 showcasing my collection and reviewing Nike SB sneakers. I guess I couldn’t come up with a slick name, so I stuck with “mrnikesb”, the number 6 is the train line I’m from in NY. So a sneaker-head from NY.

2.  What was the very first instance that snowballed your interest in Streetwear/Sneakers?

As a kid every easter my parents always bought me and my brother new clothes and sneakers. I can remember being on the train in the early 90’s, seeing a guy wearing Bo Jacksons (Air Trainer SC) in the black/grey colourway with a black suede toe. Went straight home and hounded my parents till they bought me them. Seeing my cousin walking in with Bloomingdales bags dressed from head to toe in Polo and Nautica Huaraches on feet. From there I always had an interest in sneakers and clothing.

3. Anything you dislike that has transcended into the sneaker/streetwear scene?

Times changed, I just go with the flow, no complaints.

4. What would you like to accomplish this year?

I’d like to take over the world but I’d settle with a little more travelling with the family and Nike SB Tokyo’s, haha.

5. Why did you decide to collect mainly SB’s over other shoes?

Deciding on collecting SB’s because at the time it’s what a couple of my buddies were skating in. Never really tore up my clothes or kicks, maybe got a lil paint on them but dudes I hanged with that skated didn’t care, shoe goo holds crazy shit. Seeing the collabs with different artists, the colour of the box changing from a regular Nike box.  Nike SB put a lot into the brand and I became a big fan boy, haha.

6. Any shoe that has been done yet, you think should be created? Like a colourway/collaboration?

Bunch of sh*t we haven’t seen from Nike SB, the ideas are endless, so hard to say.

7. Most underrated material and why?

Not sure about being an underrated material, but I do miss that suede used on the 02 Wheat Forbes lol.

8. Any life advice to those reading this?

We’re only here on borrowed time. Buy the shoe, wear the shoe, bottoms up.

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