15 Years Later, The First Ever Nike Dunk High SB.

All the way back in 2002 when Nike SB was just starting out, they utilised the original dunk Pro B, by adding more padding, thicker insoles and durable materials.

Today, I’m talking about the first ever Dunk High introduced as a Nike SB shoe.

Here is the Nike Dunk High SB “Obsidian/Outdoor Grn-Paul Brn” otherwise known as ‘Paul Browns’

Back in 2002 Nike SB released 16 Shoes’s , which soon enough, as time when by, were very desirable. They released 16 pairs in total, 13 Dunk Lows, 2 Dunk Highs and 1 Blazer.

They were able to do collaborations with Supreme, Chocolate Skateboards, Zoo York, as well as Skateboarders who are Reese Forbes, Gino Iannucci, Danny Supa and Richard Mulder.

This shoe wasn’t actually a collaboration, it was just a standard, simple colourway on a Dunk High.

Released in June of 2002, the shoe uses neutral, untroublesome colours that are a Green, Navy and Brown suede, appearing to be somewhat hairy and ruffled up. This contrasts  uncannily with that cocaine white midsole and the accent red stitching to compliment it even further. Laces of choice are either the ‘Outdoor Grn’ or White. I went with white as it matches the midsole, yet somehow contrasting against.

With this insoles, they are a vibrant, bright yellow, not sure how they came to that conclusion when choosing the colour, but it’s not as though it looks bad!

 My favourite aspect is the overall padding of this shoe.

You can see already, how chunky this shoe is. The tongue is mega fat, making the comfort to another level, as well as sock lining, it’s stuffed to the brim. This is what effort looks like, what TLC is.

If you’re into shoe at all, then you’ll know how much Nike have been slacking in terms of quality control, how many shoes I’ve bought that have had scratches, glue marks, factory flaws, etc. Also quality of materials were not as good as they once wear, unless you buy one of Nike’s premium releases that cost double the price. So essentially what this is, is the era of when Nike actually cared for the consumer, rather than just mass produce and overcharge. I still like Nike, probably my favourite shoe brand, I just don’t like all of the above.

Overall, the shoe is extremely solid. The colourway is great, colours go with a hefty pair of denim, standard work pants or cargo’s/combats. The blocking of colours are really well done, everything is ordered perfectly. The quality of the nappy suede is super soft, thick and butter soft to the touch, more than enough padding, and that o so, crack white, midsole, mmm. Oh yeah and it comes in a two-toned Orange box, very nostalgic.

If you see a pair pop up in your size, don’t think twice and BUY!

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